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The time for freedom, democracy and peace in Iraq has come.

Reblog if you support a free, democratic, inclusive, productive government for Iraq that is secular and represents the people. Maliki’s dictatorship has failed us. 

The people of Iraq deserve a true sovereign democracy. One that stands united for all people and invests in building the country. 

Freedom and justice for all. We will live in peace and take back our land from tyranny.



Baghdad, 1956 (X)

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Karbala, Iraq

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Falling in love

this is like, the most perfect photoset ever

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“ I told God a lot about you,
then I cried. ”

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“ Whoever hurts Ali has in fact hurt me. ”

—    Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa] (via antieverythingism)

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Just because USA is aiding and standing for Israel, UN is unable to take an action against it.

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